What Is A Bipod?

Does anyone know what a bipod is? And do you know what it is used for? Now, you need to know this stuff if you’re planning on handling a rifle in the future. You might also need this info for using a pistol, would you believe. Because don’t for a minute think that you’ll be able to aim steady all the time with a pistol. Sure enough, it works a lot differently if you’re using the firearm for self-defense, and what if you’re dealing with a sudden intruder in the middle of the night. But you would be surprised.

You would be surprised at just how much you can achieve in self defense by using a bipod on a regular basis. You are doing this, right? You are practicing regularly at the shooting range. There are countries in the world where regular practice at the shooting range is part of the conditions of owning a firearm. Don’t know what the situation is out your way, but let’s hope it’s all legal. Let’s hope right now, that you are learning to shoot straight and narrow. Because, God forbid, that you and your family are faced with danger in the middle of the night and your aim and shot is way, way off target.

Because you do know what’s likely to happen next, right? Or haven’t you been keeping up with your shooting instructions? There are stats that show that if someone misfires then, of course, if the intruder is armed, well then, of course he’ll shoot. Or if he’s not armed himself, he can yank your pistol and put you and your family in the line of fire. You can avoid this mishap with regular practice at the shooting range. And you can improve your aim and steady arm by using the bipod while you practice. It allows you to achieve a stable and reliable shooting platform no matter what terrain you’re on. It also helps you to produce consistently accurate shots.


Hibipod, now what could that be? Let’s take a calculated guess, shall we? Could it be that it is a bipod recommended for guys that are tall and heavy? Or could it be one of those recommended buying and review guides that you need to utilize to make sure that you are fully and well-equipped. You have the right pistol for your location and palm; tick that off of your list. You have the correct bullets to go with it; tick that off too. And you have a safe lock-up for when you’re not using the firearm. Another tick. But do you have a bipod?

Nope, thought not. A rifle and pistol bipod, let it be said, is a must-have tool for all shooters and hunters who cannot afford to miss their target. And if you want to keep your family safe at night, you cannot afford to miss this target either. Start going through the Hibipod site and then head off to the shooting range to practice with your new bipod.